The Finest Wines Within Reach

Bringing the elegance, craftsmanship and artistry of winemaking.

At Wine Network, we import fine wine with the highest ratings from premium winemaking regions around the world. We work with an esteemed wine consultant who is experienced in the intricacies of wine production, vineyard cultivation practices and grape varietals. With our long-standing partnership, we can meet the discerning tastes of your guests at every gathering. Embark on a journey that celebrates the timeless beauty of winemaking with every sip.

Our Beginnings

In 2002, we opened the first wine bistro along Dempsey Road which grew to be Singapore’s distinguished F&B hub. Our patrons gave us insight into the local palate for wines so we stocked our cellars to match that.

Marco Viti

Meet Marco Viti, our esteemed wine consultant in Piemonte. With his professional qualifications as an AIS sommelier and an ONAV taster, Marco’s passion for wine has led us to work with him for over 15 years. He introduces us to liquid treasures from the region’s rich vineyards to bring to your table.

The Heart of Our Mission

We strive to be a leader in wine appreciation in Singapore. Beyond stocking cellars, we invite our customers into our passion for wine and food through our events.


Through close partnerships with renowned family wineries, we bring the rich heritage behind every wine we offer.


We bring wine with over 90 points that won’t break the bank. Savour premium flavours within your budget.


We are dedicated to fostering wine education and hosting tasting sessions to enhance our customers’ appreciation for wine.

Our Suppliers


Cantine Povero

Discover the vast and unique territory of Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato, whose viticulture is one of the most extraordinary in the world. Drinking our wine, you can feel the dedication of those who believed in these hills and transmitted their legacy by bottling their wonder and making it accessible to everyone.