Let every sip of our exquisite wines transport you to the sun-kissed vineyards of Italy. Savour the difference of premium wine made accessible at unmatched prices.

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We took our first steps into the wine industry when we opened the doors to our wine bistro in 2002. As a pioneer restaurateur along Singapore’s F&B hub - Dempsey Road, we have grown to understand the local taste for fine imported wines.

Over the last 2 decades, our portfolio of wines has developed to bring the taste of quality to private and corporate events at unprecedented prices.

Bringing Fine Wine to Singapore

At Wine Network, we partner with the finest wineries around the world to bring quality and heritage to our sunny shores. Our key wine producer, Cantine Povero, brings over two centuries of winemaking with 50 hectares of vineyards from the serene landscapes of Piemonte.

As a family winery, Cantine Povero is passionate about safeguarding generations of vineyard cultivation to transform grapes into fine wine. With their winemaking roots going back to 1837, we find the intersection between family tradition, dedication to quality and a commitment to sustainable growing.

Let the deep flavours of authentic Italian wine elevate your intimate gatherings and milestone occasions.

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Cantine Povero

200 Years Of family tradition

50 Hectares

Of bountiful vineyards

Intense Pleasures

Let every sip captivate your senses with the robust flavours of Piemonte that tell the story of its historic wine tradition.

Newly-wed couple raising a toast with wine from Wine Network

Wedding and Event Package

For your wedding, private and corporate events let our best  wine selection from  Piemonte to  grace the occasion at a very special package discount of 8% with a  minimum purchase of $500 inclusive of free delivery and tasting.

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Discover new wineries, tastings, and festivals in the world of wine with our news and events


We want to establish new and lasting partnerships with international importers and distributors interested in high-value wines from Piemonte with a strong local identity and coming from certified-organic vineyards.

Customer reviews

Read what our customers say.

Nick & Hellen

We really like the  Cabane Langhe DOC 2009 Blend and the Sibane Piedmonte 2020 DOC Rosso.  Both are smooth and fruity on the  palate.  Good match for red meat, excellent value,  highly recommended for weddings and events.

Steve Anderson

The Cabane Langhe DOC 2019 Blend and the Sibane Piemonte DOC 2020 DOC Rosso are  ideal for casual drinking, events and functions. Excellent value.

Jessica Teo

The latest wines from Piedmonte and Langhe are really superb in terms of price and quality.  The Priore Barolo DOCG 2018 is awesome.

Y K Chan

Price &  quality of the Cabane Langhe DOC 2009 and Sibane Piedmonte 2020  DOC Rosso  are very good.  Both are smooth with soft tannins.

Marco Viti

I have been closely associated with Wine Network over the past 15 years as Wine Consultant.

I am a professional wine Sommelier based in Alba, Italy with extensive knowledge and experience. Wine Network has the best wines in terms of price and quality for all levels through my recommendations.