Sibane Piemonte DOC 2020

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The rustic Piedmontese origins of Sibané are proudly  showcased by Barbera and Nebbiolo, while the more cosmopolitan personality is the result of Syrah. Sibané is a complex, enveloping, and full-bodied wine with high, but well-  balanced, alcohol content. The color is an intense ruby red with violet reflections. Spicy and fruity notes stand out, in particular plum, black pepper, and black currant.

Pair with:
Pasta and risotto with meat, grilled red meats, mixed boiled meat, stew, wild game, blue cheese.

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Nick & Hellen

We really like the  Cabane Langhe DOC 2009 Blend and the Sibane Piedmonte 2020 DOC Rosso.  Both are smooth and fruity on the  palate.  Good match for red meat, excellent value,  highly recommended for weddings and events.

Steve Anderson

The Cabane Langhe DOC 2019 Blend and the Sibane Piemonte DOC 2020 DOC Rosso are  ideal for casual drinking, events and functions. Excellent value.

Jessica Teo

The latest wines from Piedmonte and Langhe are really superb in terms of price and quality.  The Priore Barolo DOCG 2018 is awesome.